The foldable klappBAR with function and style.

Our KlappBAR modules guarantee stability and innovation for your indoor and outdoor event of any kind.

klappBAR Front

A design looking for its equals.

The foldable bars will be the highlight of your event and find their place through their ingenious design and their extension possibilities.

klappBAR Design


The high-quality aluminum design turns your bar into a stylish and solid indoor and outdoor design element. The light construction is very durable due to the solid powder coated worktops and stays extremely stable as well as reliable in every construction. With an individual front branding, the bar becomes more than your primer control element – it’s your personal business model.

Features that have not existed so far.

Discover the benefits of your mobile klappBAR. Enjoy rapid assembly, stylish elements and spend more time with your guests.


The practical folding mechanism of the klappBAR enables effortless transportation and construction. The dimensions in the folded state are just 13.5 cm in depth, which allows the transport of even 5 bars on a transport trolley. The front and side panels are fixed and built into your stable work area without great effort within seconds. Whether you need a U-shape, a corner bar or a long-drawn tavern, the klappBAR combines your purpose.

Measurements: 80 x 150 cm
Weight: 47 kg

klappBAR Features

The mobile bar that boosts your efficiency.

Open up your bar in 30 seconds and get yourself a refreshing drink. If the event enlarges, the bar does too, thanks to the practical plug-in elements.

klappBAR Efficiency


Each event is about time and efficiency. In order to focus on the course, we have simplified the construction of the klappBAR as far as possible. The practical dimensions guarantee a space-saving transport while each module is determined with a set-up time of approx. 30 seconds, as well as it takes to add another module to expand quickly.

Set-up/Module: 30 sec.
Number of elements: 1

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